Pops Short Stories

51+6lqp81WLEach of the stories in Book 1 of Pop’s Short Stories – is, with very rare exception, based on actual events and situations experienced by me, or told to me directly by my father.   

  • Each story is short by design.
  • Each is void of fluff.
  • It is my desire to impress you with concepts, not verbosity.

If, according to Shakespeare,  “… brevity is the soul of wit”, then it is my intention to capture the essence of the “every-day wit” we experience in our  “every-day lives.”

Within each story there can be found a lesson, a smile, a tear, or a moral.

In some stories – all four.

On the other hand – each can be read for light entertainment, leaving the lessons and the depths to be pondered by others.

At the time of the first publication, I had eight Grandchildren and one Great Granddaughter. I hope these stories in some way make up for the together-time we lost from living so many miles apart.

Whatever our relationship …. Whatever your personal interest … Please enjoy the stories!

It would be GREAT if you get a chance to read them slowly and aloud to some youngster (or some Senior) somewhere in your life.

Thanks for sharing your time and thoughts with me.



jodiAbout the Illustrator

Jodi Hoover graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 1999 with a BFA in Illustration.  More recently, she has completed a Masters degree in Library Science from the University of Maryland.

Over the past 10 years or so Jodi has consistently shown her drawings and prints. She has completed several artists’ book projects and has a passion for screen-printing and bookbinding.   She has also been known to talk at great length to complete strangers about her dogs and has a keen interest in snails, insects and skeletal remains.

Jodi lives in Lutherville, Maryland with her husband Mickey.  To see more of her work or to contact Jodi, please visit, www.jodihoover.com.