About Thom

ThomShipleyphotoThom Shipley comes to professional writing after several careers in which his technical and informative writing skills were critically honed.  His long and successful careers, coupled with his educational credentials and life experiences give him an in-depth and somewhat unique view of the world we live in.

Over the past eighty years, his education and occupations have ranged from Beef Production to Symphonic Conducting; from teacher to administrator; from Blue-collar Township to Capitol Hill; from owner/operator of a successful Child Development Center to concurrently owning and operating an Assisted Living Facility for the elderly and mentally infirmed.

Thom’s first career – in Education, ranged from being an Elementary School Instrumental Music Instructor, a High School Band Director, and a Vice Principal through to the ranks of Acting as Assistant Superintend of Schools for one of the nation’s top State Departments of Education.


DSC00533 copyAfter retiring from his second career as Executive Director of a billion dollar Federal Education Program on Capitol Hill, Thom concurrently built custom homes and log cabins, served as the Chair of a County Planning and Zoning Commission, directed ecumenical church choir cantatas, was guest conductor for High School and College Musicals and concert performances, was a 4-H Counselor, and – as a rusty musician – played and sang with the BSO.

Thom and his Partner have completely restored and beautifully decorated a stone-front Victorian town-home in Baltimore. He is concurrently working on other short story books that reflects his somewhat “Norman Rockwell” life – one on The Narrowing of the Colored and White Chasm: 1940- 1970 and a larger, more academic text on The Revitalization of the American Classroom.

Hopefully, these first little stories can serve a dual purpose.

Thom reports that he hopes they will bring you a smile – or a tear – as you join him in what may at first seem to be some very light reading.  On the surface, you may fly at a distance over these by-gone days.


Italy Trip 2006 251 copySecondly, while the many imbedded historical references can simple be ignored or skimmed over, there are much deeper meanings throughout each page.  If the stories are read carefully to youngsters or are read aloud to you by youngsters, then Parents and Teachers will find a wealth of historically accurate references from which one could launch a discussion …  or around which one can build a lesson.

Education is all about “experiences.”

Living through them; Sharing them; Learning from them…

If a child never saw a “milk bottle”,  because they have only experienced milk coming in a cardboard containers, … if an inner city child’s only experienced is that strawberries come from the local Grocery Store, or if they think all babies are born in Hospitals, then, … there is a lot to learn embedded in these stories.

While the stories are intended for a young audience, it is hoped that all readers will find meaning as they share these true adventures.

These life-styles and events accurately reflect our recent history.

They are based on true events – few of which will ever be repeated.

I sincerely hope you enjoy our journey together.


Thomas R. Shipley, Ed. D.